Two Main Aspects of Golf Management



Golf Course management is one of the most underrated aspects of golf. We’ve all seen Tour players, notebook in hand, collaborating with their caddies about their next shot. So why do so many amateur players wander aimlessly around the golf course without a plan?.Successful golf course management boils down to two things. Understanding your game and the course you’re playing.

  1. Examine your game.

On average, how far do you hit each club in your bag? I’m not talking about that one time you blasted seven-iron 160 yards from an elevated tee box, downwind. I’m talking about real averages, maybe 147 is more realistic. In addition to averages, get a sense for how far each club goes when you miss hit it and hit it well. Most of us don’t claim to hit it perfectly every time, so let’s prepare for our inconsistencies.

Next, figure out the directional variance in your miss-hits. If you miss hit your driver, which direction does it typically go and how far off your intended target line? Do this with all of your clubs, but pay special attention to the clubs you use off the tee box. Don’t forget to examine your miss hits with your wedges, do you tend to chunk or top them from certain distances? If so, avoid those yardages or choose a bump and run shot instead.

Lastly, find your strengths. What’s your ideal approach shot yardage? Do you have a fail-safe club, one you can count on no matter the situation? For better players, maybe there’s a specific shot type that you consistently play well, perhaps a punch shot or a fade. It’s important to understand these aspects of your game so that you can use Golf Course Management to your advantage.

  1. Examine the course.

 Start at the green and work your way back to the tee box. Where’s the pin? Where is the best place for an approach shot to end up if a straight putt is desired? Where’s the safest place to miss the green?

Now that you know where to land your approach shot. What club do you need to hit off the tee box to have your optimal yardage into the green while also maximizing your chances of hitting the fairway?

Golf course management is a game of statistics. Remember even the greatest Golf Club Manager get into trouble, when this happens, be smart. Play the higher percentage shot. If you follow these simple rules you’ll find that you can literally think your way to lower scores.


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